Skin Mounts & Reproductions

Taxidermist chosen by:
Idaho Department of Fish and Game
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Lower Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Service
Michigan State University
Cornell University
Chicago Botanic Garden
University of Minnesota
University of Buffalo
Pennsylvania State University
University of Wisconsin


" I have been in NY until late last night, so I have just opened the rainbow. WOW! It is quite simply the most awesome piece of fish taxidermy that I own! I thank you for your excellent efforts and look forward to the priviledge of working with you again."
Cleary, SC

" I've been looking at fish mounts for 40 years and these are the best I've seen. They're awesome! "
Bill McMahon, CA

" After a long day in my office, I love going out into the lobby and looking at the beautiful fish display. It just makes my day! "
Larry Barrett,
Senior Fisheries Technician,
Idaho Department of Fish and Game

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Pro Fish Professional Fish Taxidermy - Specializing in Custom Fish Mounts for the Discriminating Fisherman.


Pro Fish Taxidermy offers quality fish taxidermy that is second to none. We are the taxidermist selected by Idaho Department of Fish and Game for their regional and state office displays for public education of aquatic species. Pro Fish Taxidermy offers both Skin Mounts and Reproductions. See below for details on what each type of mount entails.

To find out more about how John and Kelly can preserve your big catch, please call at 208.983.3441 or email


Skin Mounts can be accomplished providing the supplied fish is in good condition.

MATERIALS: PRO FISH insists upon using the finest materials and utilizes the most up-to-date techniques available today, ensuring our customers' ultimate satisfaction. A PRO FISH SKIN MOUNT is created to last for decades.

QUALITY: PRO FISH takes great pride in knowing that the level of quality on the inside of your fish mount is equal to the beauty on the outside.



Reproductions are fiberglass casts from actual fish. These mounts are virtually indestructible and easy to care for.

PRESERVATION: Reproductions ensure the preservation of fish population. For catch-and-release anglers and for capturing a memory, reproductions are the way to go.


"We received the fish yesterday, and it is perfect! THANK YOU very much for doing such a wonderful job on Bryan's fish. He has already proudly hung it among his big game mounts, and it's the perfect addition to our living room decor. Each time we look at the fish, we will remember the amazing family trip that we were on whey Bryan caught it. He was by himself in the pouring rain and was just ready to leave when he decided to make one more cast. He was so excited, he came running in the hotel room and was out of breath with excitement trying to explain to me the amazing fish he had just caught. I had to get the sleeping kids out of their beds so we could all go down to the care and see it. It was so wonderful to see him so happy, he was just like a little kid in a candy store. Thank you for preserving that memory for a lifetime! Thanks again, your work is simply amazing!" Veronica Grgich, Salt Lake City, UT